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Frequently Asked Questions

Artboard What all will I receive when I order a Karma Bento?
You’ll get the two-piece modular food storage unit (with 650 ml and 350 ml of space), the airtight sauce cup to go inside, an insulated Thermo case to keep your lunch warm, and full set of snap-in cutlery so you can keep your silverware clean and with your meal no matter where you have lunch.
Artboard How long does it take to ship?
We’ll send out your order within 2 business days of being placed. Standard free shipping usually takes 6-12 business days. Delays may occur due to circumstances out of our control like global shipping slowdowns or customs inspections, but we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.
Artboard Are there any discounts available?
Absolutely! When you buy 2 Karma Bento boxes you'll get 1 Karma Bento for free. That means you will get 33% off your entire order! We wanted to give our biggest fans a chance to stock up and save big. Karma also makes a great gift, and everyone wins.
Artboard What is Karma made out of?
The Karma Bento is made from 100% recycled thermally treated plastic, helping it keep hot things hot and cool things cool for hours.
Artboard Is it dishwasher/microwave safe?
Yes! Though we recommend hand washing to absolutely maximize the lifetime value of your Karma. Dishwashers are harsh on everything, and we want your Karma to live a long and fruitful life.
Artboard How many containers is Karma?
A total of three, counting the airtight sauce container. The two main containers can be used as lunchboxes all on their own or combined for a stackable two-section lunchbox.
Artboard Is Karma BPA-free?
Absolutely. You won’t find any BPAs, BPSs, PVCs, dioxins, phthalates, or ethylene dichloride anywhere in this lunchbox.
Artboard Why should I choose Karma over all the other Lunchboxes?
We get it – you have tons of options when it comes to how to do lunch. But in Karma, you get the best of both worlds: utility and style. It’s the lunchbox that will stand the test of time and keep your food separated and temperature appropriate, all while maintaining a minimalist, timeless style that will have people asking, “where’d you get that cool lunchbox?”
Artboard How was Karma developed?
Three whole years in research and development gave us plenty of solid feedback about what makes the perfect lunchbox. Spacious but not too big, sturdy without feeling industrial, and soft without being delicate, the Karma was created to be a broad crowd pleaser for men, women and kids – and now it’s the preferred lunch accessory for people around the world.