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KARMA BENTO: The Last Lunchbox You'll Ever Own

A revolutionary Bento Lunchbox that combines sleek design and smart features that fixes every problem a lunchbox ever had. 

Core Features:

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free and toxine-free
  • Keeps your food hot up to 6 hours
  • Sustainable & eco-friendly


  • 2 separate containers (650ml  + 350ml)
  • Thermo protective carrying case
  • Stainless steel cutlery set
  • 3x Coloured security band (1x Black,1x Red,1x Grey)
  • Leak-proof sauce container
  • Removable wall divider

Dimensions: 22cm x  13cm x  13cm

Capacity: 650ml + 350ml = 1 L

Choose your option:

€34,90 Normaler Preis
Stückpreis  pro 
  • 1x 2-piece airtight Karma Bento set
  • 1x Resealable sauce container
  • 1x Removable wall divider
  • 1x Thermo protective carrying case
  • 1x Fabric stay-closed security band
  • 1x Stainless steel cutlery set
  • 3x 2-piece airtight Karma Bento set
  • 3x Resealable sauce container
  • 3x Removable wall divider
  • 3x Thermo protective carrying case
  • 3x Fabric stay-closed security band
  • 3x Stainless steel cutlery set
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Not Your Grandma’s Lunchbox…

What’s included:


2-piece airtight Karma Bento lunchbox

The Karma seems small... until you open it up. It's curved body and thin shell make it bigger on the inside than meets the eye with 1000m1 of food storage.


Thermo protective carrying case

A sturdy rubberized shell born from NASA thermal innovation keeps food temperature appropriate for up to 6 hours.


Stainless steel cutlery set

A hand•polished trio of spoon, knife and fork come with the Karma and even click into place in its own sanitary compartment so you don't have to stow them separately.


Color-code your lunch

A slidable band keeps your Karma closed when storing or traveling. With 3 colors to choose from, find the one that fits your style.


Resealable sauce container

No more leaky baggies. This airtight, silicone-lined container makes for a cleaner, more organized lunch.


Removable wall divider

Stop your separate dishes from bouncing all over your box with a slidable, removable wall separator.

What The Average Lunchbox Does Well, The Karma Bento Does Better.

Health-conscious And So Earth-friendly

Keep Your Hots Hot And Your Cools Cold

Built-in Cutlery Makes For An All-in-one Lunch

Keep Your Food Tight And Your Meal Crisp

One Compartment Or Two

Release Your Steam And Reheat With Ease

What our customers say about Karma Bento

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Karma Bento encourage my kids to eat healthy! It’s easy to clean, microwave safe and fun to make lunches for my family.

Sally M.
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I absolutely love my new Karma Bento! It’s great alternative for regular lunchboxes. It’s sustainable and eco-friendly!

Dominika L.
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Finally a perfect lunchbox! It’s durable, dishwasher safe and can hold a lot of food!

Petra S.
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If you are looking for unique and functional lunchbox with super cool design - Karma Bento is the one!

Maria S.
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Thanks to the innovative thermo case, my food stays warm/cold literally all day!

Lucy K.